PVC Capsules

Features and end-use

Capsules made from PVC can be used for a wide range of beverages including wine, spirits, olive oil, and a wide variety of gourmet food products  (sauces, marinades, etc). These capsules can be applied either by hand or automatically on a high speed capsule dispensing machine and must be shrunk onto the bottle with heat.  They are always put on top of a screw cap or a bartop closure and therefore the size is determined after the closure is applied to the bottle. These capsules can be made with or without tear- tabs which are used for tamper evidence as well as easy opening

Range of Available sizes

Bar top or cork finish Sizes

  • Diameter :  anywhere between 20.5 mm to 50mm
  • Length:  from 25mm to 80mm
  • Taper:  varies according to length and bottle

Note: We have a HUGE selection of sizes that fit most bottles. 

 If we don’t have the size you think you need, we can manufacture the tooling to your specification at a nominal cost.   All we need is a bottle with the closure on it and we will create the size that will work for you.


Material Specifications

Skirt:   75 microns transversal  PVC
Top stock: 45 micron aluminum, maximum top printing diameter is 24mm

Decoration and customization options

Stock Colors:
(click capsule to view larger)

Color Disclaimer: Although the color images on this web site were photographed or scanned at a very high resolution, not all computer monitors are the same and do not necessarily display colors the same way. It is recommended that you request actual samples prior to purchase.

Porpora (Burgundy Metallic)
Rubino (metallic red ruby)
Muschio (dark green metallic)
Matte Black
Shiny Black
Prussia (Midnight Blue)
Cobalto (Cobalt Blue)
(burgundy metallic)
(metallic red ruby)
(dark green metallic)
(midnight blue)
(Cobalt blue)

Image not currently available

Oro Germania (shiny gold)

Oro Ducale (gold bronze)

Argento (silver)

Crema (matte cream)

Matte White

Image not currently available

Oro Fiorino
(matte gold)
Oro Germania
(shiny gold)
Oro Ducale
(gold bronze)
Matte Cream
Matte White
Shiny White

*Minimum for Stock capsules is one full box (approx 7000 capsules).
Stock capsules have 2 breather holes, grape emboss and no tear tab.

Semi-Custom Colors:  Click here to view Semi-Custom colors in a pdf format.
Semi Custom colors are defined as colors that are established and that we have stock on from time to time. If we don’t have stock, we can get it made quickly since the color is already formulated.

Custom colors:  Your imagination

Decorating Options

  • Custom colors available in matte, gloss, metallic, satin finishes
  • Skirt Printing:  Rotogravure or flexo printing up to 6 colors, foil stamping, wide range of available colors, embossing
  • Top disk options:  foil stamping, blind emboss, stamp and emboss, print and emboss.
  • Tear-tab in 5 available colors (red, black, clear, silver, gold
  • Perforation:  horizontal perforation for easy opening



25,000 minimum for foil decoration on stock color
100,000 for custom skirt/top color
50,000 minimum for printed decoration
250,000 minimum for more than 3 color decoration


Packaging & Carton Counts

Carton counts :  depends on size, typically around 7000 per box
Packaging:  capsules are packed in kraft cartons in sticks, placed side by side in rows. 
Cartons are palletized and stretch wrapped.


Handling,  Storage & Bottling of PVC capsules

  • PVC Capsules must be stored in a controlled, cool temperature environment between
  • 58  & 95 degrees F.
  • PVC capsules should not be stored in direct sunlight as UV rays may pre-shrink the capsules.
  • PVC capsules should not be stored near a room heating source or they may pre-shrink.
  • PVC Capsules should not be exposed to sudden temperature extremes which may also cause thermal shock and result in shrinkage problems. 
  • PVC capsules should not be stored in a humid environment which could cause condensation and which could result in uneven  shrinkage during bottling.
  • PVC Capsules should not be jostled, shipped or stored on their side  as this may cause them to become dented or compacted which could result in them not dispensing properly.
  • PVC colors will shrink at different temperatures.  It is customer’s responsibility to identify what is the best temperature for the colors/ design (C&E will work with you to find out what works best for your bottling environment and design).
  • Un-even temperature and airflow will affect the way the capsule forms to the bottle and excessive heat will cause wrinkles and/or the tops to peel up. The type (heat tunnel, shrink heads, etc) and condition of the machine being used for shrinking the capsules will also affect  the end -result. 
  • Ideal  temperatures for shrinking PVC capsules range from 180-260 degrees F. It is very important to have consistent airflow that circulated around the entire neck in order to achieve a good result.
  • Bottle necks must be relatively dry and free of liquid containing sugar during PVC capsule application in order to achieve a good result.
  • Bottle fit is very important for good PVC application.  Please send us your bottle so that we may size it properly.

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