Elite Polylaminate Capsules

Features and End-Use

A Polylaminate capsule is a secondary closure used primarily in the wine and spirits industries that provides tamper-evidence as well as a finished look on a bottle that further enhances that brand. Capsules can be plain or decorated with a variety of decorating techniques.

These  capsules are a two- piece construction.  The “Skirt” is made from a mult-ilayer lamination of aluminum-polyethelene-aluminum and the top disk is made from a single layer of aluminum. The two pieces are glued together using heating and pressure during the forming process.  The formed capsule is spun down onto the neck of the bottle with a spinning machine for a finished look. 

Elite Polylaminate

Our standard “Elite” Polylaminate material is a special material that is known for its great quality and excellent spinning characteristics.  Many customers say it out-performs other polylam’s because it stretches and is nearly as malleable as tin. Our material is in a class by itself.

We encourage people who are using heavier weight polylams to try our material on the bottling line for performance comparison. Our Elite polylam’s are a cost effective and attractive capsule solution to replace high cost tin in today’s challenging economy.

Even for luxury wines, consumers will never know that it is not tin.

Available Sizes

Cork & Bartop Finish Sizes

  • Diameter:   from 27mm to 34mm
  • Length:   from 40-90 mm
  • Taper:  varies according to length and bottle

*Custom sizes available upon request

A note about capsule sizes
Capsules must be sized for the particular bottle they are going to fit on.  Not all bottles are the same even if they are called the same size.  They vary in finish, shape and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Please supply us with the exact bottle mold you intend to use so that we may develop the best fit for your capsule. Also, make sure that if you or your glass supplier changes the mold that you were sized for along the way, that you check to ensure that our capsule will fit the new bottle mold.

Stated size dimensions also vary from capsule supplier to supplier, so always double check that our capsule size will fit your bottle by providing us with a bottle sample.

Stock Colors:
(click capsule to view larger)

Color Disclaimer: Although the color images on this web site were photographed or scanned at a very high resolution, not all computer monitors are the same and do not necessarily display colors the same way. It is recommended that you request actual samples prior to purchase.

Porpora (Burgundy Metallic)
Muschio (dark green metallic)
Rubino (metallic red)
Rosso Cerado (dark burgundy)
Matte Black
Shiny Black
Prussia (Midnight Blue)
(burgundy metallic)
(dk green metallic)
(metallic red ruby)
Rosso Cerado
(dark burgundy)
(midnight blue)

Oro Fiorino (matte gold)

Oro Brilliante (shiny gold)
Image currently not available

Ramé (burnt metallic orange)

Argento (silver)


Shiny White
Oro Fiorino
(matte gold)
Oro Brilliante
(shiny gold)
(gold bronze)
(burnt metallic orange)
Shiny White

Minimum order for stock capsules is a full box (quantity is typically 3900 -5000 per box depending on capsules size). Stock capsules are typically 28.5 x 55mm. Inquire about other sizes.

Stock capsules have grape top emboss and two breather holes

Semi-Custom Colors: Click here to view Semi-Custom colors in a pdf format.
Semi Custom colors are defined as colors that are established and that we have stock on from time to time. If we don’t have stock, we can get it made quickly since the color is already formulated.

Custom colors:  Your imagination

Decorating Options

  • Skirt printing:  Rotogravure printing up to 6 colors, embossing, hot foil stamping
  • Top disk decoration options:  foil stamping, rotogravure printing, blind  embossed, embossed and inked, embossed and hot stamped, Grape blind embossed, circle blind embossed.
  • Separator ring options and functionality:  notched or continuous (our standard separator ring is notched for better high speed dispensing)
Click image to view larger
Sample of embossed and textured skirt Sample of foil stamped skirt Sample of gravure print and foiled skirt Sample of a foil stamp side and top Sample of foiled and embossed top Sample of inked and embossed top
embossed and textured foil stamp skit gravure print and foiled skirt foil stamp side and top foil and embossed top ink and embossed top
Sample of a continuous separator ring Sample of notched separator ring
Continuous Separator Ring Notched Separator Ring


  • Custom colors = 100,000  pc minimum
  • Foil stamp decoration on stock colors = 25,000 pc minimum
  • 250,000 piece order minimum for more than 3 color decoration
  • Minimum order for plain stock orders is one full box

Packaging & carton counts

Carton counts – counts vary depending on size, please inquire (usually around 4000 per box for most 750ml sizes)

Packaging – capsules are packed in kraft cartons in “sticks” with end caps at the bottom of the stick, placed side by side in rows with foam pads between layers.  Cartons are palletized and stretch-wrapped.

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