Champagne Foils

Features & End Use

Champagne and sparkling wine capsules (sometimes referred to as “sparkling hoods”) are secondary closures that  cover either a champagne/sparkling wine cork and wire hood;  or they can also be made to cover a crown cap that is used to close sparkling juice beverages.

The features and functionality of these capsules can vary depending on the application of the capsule and the type of equipment being used.  They can be applied with machine orientation and pleated or they can be applied by hand or machine and crimped.  Depending on the application, the capsule is either made of a polylaminate material (aluminum-polyethylene-aluminum) or a lighter-weight  single layer of aluminum. 

Most sparkling and champagne producers use a neck label that covers the bottom of the capsules (called a straight cut capsule).  There is also a “medallion cut” style that requires no neck label and is an attractive way to show off your brand.

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Medallion Cut Skirt Straight Cut Skirt
Medallion cut Straight cut

Enoplastic Champagne/Sparkling Capsules

Enoplastic manufactures Champagne and Sparkling hoods for many well-known Champagne, Sparkling Wine and  juice  producers in North America.  We have extensive knowledge and understanding of the intricate application demands of these kinds of capsules. Our experience in the world of bubbles will make it easy to launch or reinvent your product and enhance its shelf impact.

Range of Available Sizes:

  • Top Diameter:  33-36mm
  • Length 50-150mm

*capsule sizes must be sized for the bottle mold they are going to be use on.

Stock Sizes & colors:

All Champagne/Sparkling wine or juice Capsules are made to order.

We do not hold inventory. 

Semi-Custom Colors:  
These are colors that are already established. Please contact our sales representatives for samples of the semi-custom colors.


Oro Chiaro

Oro Standard

Oro Fiorino

Oro Rotgold


Oro Lucido

Oro Goldeck



Argento (matte & shiny)




Biacho matte or Shiny



Rossa mettalizzato

Rosso Lacca



Blue Mettalizzatto




Nero Lucido

Nero Opaco

Decoration, Performance & Customization Options


  • Custom sizes & colors available
  • Rotogravure printing  up to 6 colors
  • Hot Foil stamping
  • Embossing

Performance Features

  • Shapes:  Straight cut or Medallion cut
  • Fluting
  • Eyespots:  Ink, foil or UV eye spot on front, back or both
  • Grillage (polylaminate only)  – round or diamond patterns available
  • Choice of Separator ring or dimples to keep capsules from nesting

Tear Tab Options:

  • Tear Tape in red, gold, silver, white, black, clear
  • Sommelier Tear Tab (polylaminate only)
  • Perforation (polylaminate only)
  • Grillage

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Textured Skirt Tear Tape Sommelier Tear Tab Grillage - Diamond Pattern Fluting on skirt
Textured Skirt Tear Tape Sommelier Tear Tab Grillage & Perforation Fluting


  • Minimum order qty  for existing colors:  25,000
  • Minimum order qty for existing colors with foil stamping:  50,000
  • Minimum qty for printed decoration:  100,000
  • Sizes:  custom fit to bottle



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