Enoplastic USA supplies high quality capsules and screwcaps for the wine, champagne, gourmet food and spirits industries
About Enoplastic USA

Enoplastic USA is a capsule manufacturing company  based in Northern California that makes capsules for the food and beverage industries, primarily wine, champagne/sparkling beverages, spirits and gourmet food. We are owned by the world’s largest capsule manufacturer, Enoplastic, based in Varese, Italy.

We make and sell plain and decorated PVC, Polylaminate capsules, Champagne/Sparkling hoods and 30 x 60 ROPP screw caps. 

While we do hold some stock inventory, our capsules are generally made to order due to the vast number and variety of bottle sizes and finishes.

The Enoplastic team is highly experienced in all aspects of packaging and has great respect and understanding of the marketing and production challenges that are inherent in growing brands.   We are committed to innovation, exceptional quality, superior service and developing  long-term, successful partnerships with our customers.

We welcome you to visit our production facility for a personalized tour.

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